Our Core Values



We believe in fair dealing, honesty, a strong effort and being thankful. These are the seven guiding principles by which we operate RMI.

1. Our Word is Our Bond

If we commit to doing something, we do it. We make agreements with care and we tell the truth.

2. We Encourage our Employees to Innovate

90% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 at its inception are gone. The implication? All business must evolve to thrive. Our employees are vital to that innovation.

3. We Strive for Excellence

Quality is scalable. Our clients deserve high-quality thinking and output and our business is designed to deliver.

4. We Do Not Take Advantage of Others

One school of business teaches you get what you negotiate. We believe the best business is built on a fair exchange of value. This is the only way for both parties to win.

5. We Respect Each Other’s Property

Whether items or ideas, we do not tolerate theft in any form.

6. We Recognize Performance

Every day in our company there are heroic efforts and brilliance. We aspire to see them and recognize the contribution of each team member. This, to us, is what makes business so much fun.

7. We Are Grateful

Thankfulness is like water and sunshine on your garden: they are essential to growth. RMI wouldn’t be in its second decade if not for the trust and confidence of our clients and employees. We are extremely grateful.

(Thank you Charles Brewer of MindSpring for offering of the original CV&Bs and advancing the revolutionary idea that adhering to principles is acceptable and desirable in business)

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