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Building a Path to Healthy Outcomes

Between social media and smartphone apps, health consumers are more empowered and opinionated than ever. To grow your business, you need to identify customers from the moment they have a need and begin researching and then give them a great path to finding you. To sell more wellness products, you must identify your audience, apply exceptional catalog marketing and always keep in mind that the customer’s first visit is to get a second opinion. Google and their social media networks have already given the first opinion.

The truth is, most wellness retailers and medical device companies miss out on a lot of new customer opportunities because they’re not looking at their marketing and acquisition structure. Response Mine’s unique health and fitness retail marketing methodology can help you grow your customer base. We can also help you create a national market for your wellness product.

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77% of online health seekers say they began their last session at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

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