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To grow your hospital or specialty practice, you need more than billboards and word-of-mouth referrals. With 77% of ailment sufferers starting their search online (often from their phone), you need an experienced medical marketing partner to ensure your services and practice are easily visible when patients are symptom-searching. With too many ways to spend your patient marketing budget and too few people knowing what’s effective, it takes an expert at marketing measurement and optimization to help you grow. Learn more on our Response Mine Health site!

Are you getting the best results out of your patient acquisition strategy?

We’ve helped neurosurgery groups, orthopedic groups, urgent care centers and numerous other specialties grow their patient bases by expertly waging search, social and online media campaigns. Today, we help clients not only tell their story in content and social, but provide a comprehensive strategy to simply own a market, and measure the outcomes down to cost-per-new consult and even cost-per patient. All while providing timely, tracked results back to your practice’s goals.

Our teams are trained in HIPAA, FTC and FDA rules to keep your marketing compliant, while still making it easier to drive growth.

What our clients love about us:

  1. Dedicated senior account manager with years of experience in medical marketing
  2. Monthly dashboard reviews to monitor marketing effectiveness
  3. Full agency services including strategy, analytics, creative, media and conversion
  4. Over $1M invested in new hires and training of our staff in medical marketing and compliance

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