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Fractured media and the demise of newspaper inserts have made retail merchandising harder. Amazon is signing your customers up for Prime on one end and the manufacturers you gave shelf space to last year are now your direct-to-consumer competitors.

Yet, you can still compete and win.

We demystify the levers of online marketing to help improve ROAS and deliver more sales. With our advanced, integrated analytics and our marketing structure methodology, we help you expand your media, integrate your promotions and acquire better customers over time.

Contact Amanda Sparks today to find out more about how we’ve helped retailer likes Home Depot, Staples, Havertys and catalogers like SmartPak and CarHartt efficiently expand their marketing and revenues.

The U.S. retail industry’s advertising spending on paid digital media will rise to $13.5 billion by 2017.

Shouldn’t you be getting more sales for that amount of spend?

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65% of shoppers browse online and buy in-store during the holidays

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