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On average, 12 billion web searches are conducted each month in the U.S. alone. Amidst the seemingly infinite volume of webpages and endless variations of user queries, there’s an audience searching for your product or service. And with each successive update to ranking algorithms, capturing these searches through search engine optimization (SEO) has grown more and more complex.

As the organic space evolves, we are continuously testing and adapting strategies to maximize the long-term visibility of your website, ensuring that your brand is in front of the users that matter most to your business. Using competitive insight and data-driven analysis, we find the keywords most likely to turn into sales or sign-ups. Our comprehensive site audits identify technical roadblocks and content gaps, ensuring that every aspect of your digital efforts is fine-tuned to maximize your marketing budget across all channels.

Leads from organic search efforts have a close rate of 14.6%, while leads from outbound channels have a close rate of 1.7%.

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With technology as an integral part of everyday life, healthcare consumers have come to expect immediate access to the information they need, when they need it, on their mobile devices. Having a fully functional, user...

digital marketing team

If you look at dated resources on digital marketing skills to construct your internal marketing team, you will likely hire people without capabilities to optimize performance in the current climate. Digital marketing ...

digital marketing

As soon as you think you have a grasp on how digital marketing works and which strategies to employ, new studies demonstrate just how quickly the marketplace, tools, and strategies change and evolve. The following ...

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Much of the emphasis with Google is on SEO. However, Google makes a variety of changes to its general and local search listings, as well its advertising tools, which impact your fitness marketing efforts beyond search...


Just when you think you have command of current best practices in search engine optimization, Google modifies its algorithm. Therefore, it is critical that you constantly look ahead to how impending changes will affec...

The distance between operating a healthcare practice and engaging in search engine optimization may seem steep. However, given the fact that the majority of potential patients start investigating ailments through sear...

Relevant keywords are a critical part of any digital advertising campaign. Specifically, long tail keywords allow you to hone in on specific searches so potential customers can find your products and services. By craf...

Your website doesn't exist in a vacuum -- or, at least, it shouldn't. You want it to weave itself into the fabric of the Internet via links. Outbound links help you establish your site's authority, but inbound links a...


Google recently announced the most substantial change to its SERP (search engine results page) since the introduction of Product Listing Ads. This change will be 100% implemented globally by Wednesday, February 24th. ...

Case Studies

SEO Agency Services

TravelZoo – SEO

After working with RMI, Travelzoo saw a non-brand acquisitions increase of 2218.8% year-over-year and a non-brand CPA decrease of 0.3% year-over-year.

– Response Mine Interactive

Within six months,’s first page rankings increased 104%.

– Response Mine Interactive

SEO Agency Services

Maid Brigade – SEO

SEO Agency Services

Liberty Medical – CPA

RMI developed a CPA program for Liberty Medical that drove more than 20 percent of the total online patient sign ups.

– Response Mine Interactive

Response Mine Interactive